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The Project Development Unit of the MPWU is responsible for the development, monitoring and reporting of MPWU projects that do not have their own project management unit. This involves assisting and working with other Units within the MPWU and State Own Enterprises (SOEs) with their project proposals, project finances, development budgets and the inputs into the KDP and MOP. This necessitates coordination and close liaison with the relevant government and, in some cases, donor agencies.

To do these, the Unit has developed the Ministry’s project and socio-economic database and updates it on regular basis.

The Unit also offers advise, briefs and training to MPWU staff and SOEs on matters relating to projects.

The Unit is staffed by one Senior Project Officer and a Project Officer.

Some of the projects the Unit has been or is involved with are:


  • Outer islands roads and airfields upgrading (Butaritari, Abaiang and Tab. North) and maintenance (Abemama, Marakei and Maiana) including procuring of heavy plant & equipment to undertake these works;

  • Other outer islands infrastructure maintenance and repairs (King’s wharf, Marakei, Abemama and Buota bridges);

  • Seawalls and coastal defences for S. Tarawa and the outer islands;

  • Health and medical infrastructures such as the Meeria ward and rehab centre;

  • Desalination systems for more vulnerable communities;

  • Outer islands water and sanitation programmes under the Kiriwatsan 1 and USAID/SPREP;

  • PUB electricity distribution rehabilitation, water quality monitoring and Solar PV Grid Connected systems;

  • KSEC Solar light kits for OIs and Urban households, mini-grids for OI schools;

  • Climate change related projects (ACSE, AWSP)  

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